Curse of The Starving Class

          9/18     The Catastrophic Theatre

                   By Sam Shepard

                   2019 Houston Press Theater Award-  Best Lighting Design

                   Director: Jeff Miller

                   Set Designer: Ryan McGettigan

                   Costume Designer: Macy Lyne

                   Lighting Designer: J. Mitchell Cronin

                   Sound Designer: Tim Thomson

                   Props Designer: Lauren Davis

                   Photographer: Anthony Rathbun


•Announcing the Houston Theater Awards 2019          

      By D. L. Groover, Natalie De La Garze, Jessica Goldman, Margaret Downing- Houston Press Theater Awards 2019, Best Lighting, The Catastrophic Theatre, Curse of The Starving Class

    "There’s the way Cronin’s work seemed to add an extra layer of grime to the already filthy family farm. There was his subtle but dramatic handling of the multiple monologues the script required, giving each their “spotlight” without ever being overt about it. The way a glaring light from an empty refrigerator offered first blush promise but revealed only emptiness.

     At its most noticeable best, Cronin’s lighting enhanced our dread, fear, and resignation. In its more subtle moments, it added to the feeling that this farm and the family who occupied it were rotting from the inside out"

•Curse Of The Starving Class Showcases Sam Shepard's First Major Off-Broadway Hit

              By D. L. Groover- The Houston Press, The Catastrophic Theatre's Curse Of The Starving Class

    "In the play's most stirring and stunning moment, Wesley, naked, carries his lamb across the kitchen and out to be slaughtered. Bathed in J. Mitchell Cronin's iconic lighting, it's a vision ripped from Genesis. You can't miss the obvious, for it's a powerfully theatrical image."

•Review: Catastrophic's CURSE OF THE STARVING CLASS Is the Most Beautiful Dysfunction You'll Ever See

              By Audrey Morabito- Broadway World, The Catastrophic Theatre's Curse Of The Starving Class

    "Sound Designer Tim Thomson and Lighting Designer J. Mitchell Cronin were an exceptional team. The very first note I wrote down about the show was regarding the unity of sound and light right from the get-go. With a team like this, even something as simple as transitions between scenes become an artistic feat."

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