Daddy Long Legs

          5/18     Main Street Theater

                      By Jean Webster

                      Music & Lrics by Paul Gordon Book by John Caird

                      Regional Premiere

Director: Andrew Ruthven

Set Designer: Liz Freese

Costume Designer: Macy Lyne

Lighting Designer: J. Mitchell Cronin

Sound Designer: Yezminne Zepeda

Props Designer: Rodney Walsworth

Photographer: Pin Lim/ Forest Photography


Daddy Long Legs Tells a Sweet, Albeit Slow, Musical About Young Love  

     By D. L. Groover- The Houston Press, Main Street Theater's Daddy Long Legs

     "The performances are lovely, matched by set designer Liz Freese's immense mahogany bookcase... and J. Mitchell Cronin's gaslit ambiance. It's a Gibson girl's dream."

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